Thursday, 17 February 2011

and I can't see the point of patient love...when everyone just wants to get fucked!

OK. I disagree, I can but the patient kind requires too much effort these days and time I do not have. I wish in some ways that I could be alright with the level of promiscuity and had the nerve to go out and have a one-night stand. I don't.

I've had sexual partners. But whilst I've not always been in love with them it has always been someone I loved. You know, before things go ape shit sour. My main problem these days is that I'm not brave enough to date and when I do try it seems that all anyone wants is sex anyway. And I find it easy in a way...I've been trying internet dating. And it's very easy to start talking to someone and before you know it he has his cock out on webcam and you've misplaced your bra. And let's be honest, the conversations are fun...but really where do you go from there?

I mean, you've both determined you have sexual chemistry. But what if you aren't looking for a casual lay? How do you then take a step back and say...well it's all well and good over webcam but you really don't sleep with strangers and by the way...what's your favourite colour? It's stupid because for me...if a conversation has gotten interesting and involved enough that I've decided to strip for this stranger (doesn't happen that often) then I actually rather like him. But the problem is, generally speaking mind, it doesn't take near as much for a man. And it goes from the two of you having loads to talk about before you get naked to only having sex to talk about every time you talk after. Sometimes a girl still wants to be woo'ed after you've seen her lady parts.

But when flirting becomes the only thing you do and the only reason someone wants to talk to you, you forget why you liked them in the first place...even while enjoying how hot they look when they scrunch up their nose.

So how do you take it back to before all the nakedness? Can it be done? And if you meet up have you basically already indicated that you'll be an easy lay? AND is it bad if you are? Is it bad if you think...well he is hot and if sex is all he is emotionally mature enough to give me I might as well take it?


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